Beyond the Basics: Making the Most of Oracle Enterprise Manager Monitoring

Ana McCollum – Oracle

Doing a story on the monitoring capabilities in EM12C

Being a member of the EM Development Team, Ana really knows the ins and outs especially on this subject.

80+ attendees

Here my staccato notes

Administration Groups and Template Collections

Administration Groups actually is the automation Group management.

Template Collections relate to the Administration group and thereby define the monitoring settings that need to be deployed to the targets in the administration group.

Administration Groups are implemented in terms of a Hierarchy, like you might have an Administration group “ALL TARGETS” that subdivide in two groups “PRODUCTION” and “NON PRODUCTION”, which is actually based on the Lifecycle Phase of targets.

The targets themselves will be in the Leaf level nodes.

If any modification is made to any of the template settings the modification will be applied to the targets automatically.

This also means that if a new target is included in a Group, the monitoring settings are applied automatically.

New in EM12c is the Dynamic Group that allows you to add targets to a group automatically based on criteria that are added to the group once it gets created.

A tip might be to designate an user with appropriate privileges to create dynamic groups on behalf of your team.

As you can only create 1 Administration Group hierarchy, Dynamic Groups come in very handy if targets need to be in multiple groups for instance to structure jobs, reports etc. You could than decide to use Administration Groups to monitoring only.

Best practice tips

  • Consolidate groups to simplify group hierarchy
  • Set the time zone when you define the group
  • After hierarchy is create, you can:
    • Add or remove values for target property criteria
    • Add new/remove target property criteria
    • Rename any group

Aggregate targets

Cluster target

  • Target properties set on the cluster automatically applies to all members

Non-cluster aggregate targets

  • Target property set on aggregate does not auto apply to members

You can now set properties values for an Enterprise Manager user.

Targets created by this user automatically apply the properties to the targets

  • Cost centre
  • Line of business
  • Lifecycle Phase
  • Location

There is an “Unassigned Targets” report in the EM reporting system

  • Property values don’t match all membership criteria

Aggregates are not privilege propagating

To convert to use EMCLI

How do you find a group in a large hierarchy?

Use the search feature in the associations tab (new in

Search by partial group name

How do I make sure every thing has been setup properly?

Enhance Group Management Settings (new in rel 2)

Se on Leaf groups

Shows parent groups/template collections

Metric extensions to replace User Defined Metrics

Custom metrics to monitor conditions specific to your environment

Metric Creation

Deployment to targets

Export/import between EM sites

Incident Management

Manage by incidents that are made out of events (alerts)

Centralized incident management console to view manage, diagnose and resolve incidents from one location

Notification rules are replaced by Incident Rules Sets

Who should create these rules

Assign senior admin to create rules for the team

Grant “create enterprise rule set” and “operator any target” to administrator

Grant co-author access to other users as needed

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