OEM GRID Control Widgets – Released at OOW 2009

Today at OOW 20o9 was announced the relase of OEM GRID Control Widgets

Enterprise Manager Desktop Widgets are lightweight internet applications that provide persistent desktop access to key Enterprise Manager monitoring and diagnostic information. Utilizing integrated automatic refresh capability, Enterprise Manager Desktop Widgets provide up-to-date, at-a-glance information about your managed eco-system. Timely information is readily available to administrators, system engineers, or other critical decision makers in your organization. Widgets also provide direct access to specific Enterprise Manager functionality, thus facilitating faster problem response and resolution.

OEM Desktop Widgets

OEM Desktop Widgets

Checkout: http://www.oracle.com/technology/products/oem/widgets/index.html

Oracle Enterprise Manager Delivers 124% ROI

An independent multi-customer study conducted by Forrester Consulting reveals customers gain significant benefits and cost savings from Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Management Pack and Oracle Enterprise Manager Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack.

The sample organization in Forrester Consulting’s study was shown to achieve the following benefits (all figures are risk-adjusted, over three years):

* Positive 124% ($4,916,781) return on investment (ROI)
* 20% ($862,500) reduction in capital spending on servers
* Business productivity savings of $2,555,556 from a reduction in system downtime avoidance and a corresponding increase in availability.

Download the Forrester Consulting “Total Economic Impact™ of Oracle Enterprise Manager Configuration Management Pack, and Oracle Enterprise Manager Provisioning and Patch Automation Pack” whitepaper today.

Learn how Oracle’s comprehensive industry leading configuration management and provisioning automation solutions help you reduce application management costs while delivering greater control and compliance.


Succesfull Provisioning of CRS / ASM / RDBMS

Succesfull Provisioning of CRS / ASM / RDBMS

Today successfully provisioned a 3 node cluster with CRS, ASM + Instances, RDBMS software tree. The provisioning took aprox. 2:30 hours.

Using a procedure based on out of the box procedure “Oracle Clusterware / RAC Provisioning For UNIX” 4.8.

The procedure creates a default diskgroup DATA, although the DBCA command to configure ASM was modified not to create any diskgroup. We therefore need to drop this diskgroup after provisioning.