Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 Update 4 ( is Now Available!

Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 4 Update 4 (, RU4 in short, is now available for download!  You can download the Release Updates from My Oracle Support: Patches & Updates.

Release Updates Details

Release Updates (RUs) are a way for us to roll out new EM features and bug fixes more quickly, without waiting for a major release vehicle. Release Update patches are versioned with a trailing digit indicating the RU version (here, Note that RUs are cumulative, which means that the most recent RU includes functionality from all previous release updates.  It is our general recommendation that you apply the most current Release Updates as soon as possible.

For the complete article see the OEM blog post by Daniella Hansell

Turbocharge Your Database Provisioning: Use Enterprise Manager Lifecycle Management to Increase Efficiency, Consolidation and Standardization

Provisioning is arguably the first step in the lifecycle of database management.  And in many regards, it is perhaps the most important step.  Provisioning databases in a consistent and standardized way, sets the stage for creating standardized database deployments; standardization is essential for getting the most bang for the buck when implementing database automation at scale.  Consistent deployments of databases, will make tasks such as backup, recovery, patching, and upgrades easier to manage and automate at scale.

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Enterprise Manager CIS Benchmark Certification Secures Oracle Database Configuration

Securing your data through preventative measures has never been more important than it is today.  With the high rate of change in DevOps-oriented development teams and the proliferation of data across on-premise and cloud environments, it has become challenging for organisations to rely on traditional manual efforts and best practices to maintain configuration control.  Any undetected insecure configuration change increases the risk of security exposure. With the massive amount of sensitive data in your data-center and databases hosted in cloud IaaS environments, it only takes a single mistake for the “bad guys” to be able to exploit a misconfiguration and exfiltrate your data.

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Introducing the brand new Grafana Plug-In for Oracle Enterprise Manager

The Grafana Plug-In for Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.4 Release Update 3 is now available.  The Grafana Plug-In (which is also referred to as the “Oracle Enterprise Manager App” in the Grafana environment) is available for download via Oracle Enterprise Manager’s (EM) Download Page.

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Monitoring Best Practices White Paper for Enterprise Manager 13c

Monitoring Best Practices White Paper for Enterprise Manager 13c now available

Written by Ana Mccollum, initially published with Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c and now updated for Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c, it was written based on many years of working with customers with large data centers who needed monitoring features to enable them to monitor at scale. The paper offers guidance from planning your monitoring setup, understanding key Oracle Enterprise Manager monitoring concepts and features, to strategies for how you can use these features to implement a scalable monitoring solution.

Download the paper now

In this paper, you’ll learn how to:

  • Leverage Administration Groups and Template Collections to manage alert thresholds across different environments in an automated way
  • Configure your Incident Rule Sets to send incident notifications to the appropriate teams based on event type and severity, escalate important incidents, prevent a flood of email alerts when a host goes down
  • Use privilege-propagating groups with roles to ensure different IT Operations staff have the appropriate level of access to your targets as soon as they are added to Oracle Enterprise Manager

Many of the examples are largely based on real-world scenarios.

Maximizing Database Performance: Best Practices for Mission Critical Systems

Finding and fixing database problems, and optimizing performance and managing service levels are key responsibilities for every DBA. While the Oracle database has many tools for diagnosing and troubleshooting, and most DBAs have their cadre of scripts, the vast majority of DBAs responsible for sizable and or critical database estates depend on Enterprise Manager to simplify and speed their efforts.

Thanks to Timothy Mooney for this great article: Maximizing Database Performance: Best Practices for Mission Critical Systems