Proactively monitor Oracle WebLogic user activity and solve issues before end users complain

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When talking about Business Driven Application monitoring, we are focusing on how End Users experience application performance and availability.


The last presentation of today the floor is to Jürgen Leijer (Oracle) and Nikhil Sandilya (Dell). When talking about End User experience, Jürgen is the man who knows the right solution. Indicating the two possible ways to put your finger on application behavior: Synthetic Transactions and Real User Monitoring.

Synthetic Transactions, Jürgen explains is a way to record transactions as they could be performed by an End User, using scripts like ATS scripts and replaying these transactions to monitor its behavior (or misbehavior…) and Real User Monitoring being the way to monitor transactions that are actually performed by the user.


Jürgen than digs in deeper in RUEI as a tool that ‘sniffs’ the network for application transactions, storing these in the repository allowing detailed analysis of behavior and performance as End User experience them.

All data gathered can be analyzed from a central point of view using EM12c Cloud Control by means of so-called “Business Applications” being a new Target Type in EM12c. This, allowing you to create Incidents handled by the EM Incident Management system, including all standard features likes communication to MOS for possible resolution etc.


Nikhil next gives us an insight on how RUEI was implemented at DELL to support monitoring of some of their business applications including a Siebel environment.