Announcing New Database Password Rotation with Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 RU1

In release EM13.5 RU1, EM has expanded automation for password rotation capabilities to include non-monitoring database users. In previous releases, password rotation automation was available only for the default database monitoring (dbsnmp) users using the job type “Change the Password for the Database Monitoring User”. The new feature is available using a new job type “Change the Password for a Database User”.

Since it is available as a job, this provides you flexibility in scheduling when and how often passwords should be changed. The job can be run against many databases at a time, greatly reducing the time it would take to complete the password rotation task. This is especially beneficial when working with hundreds or thousands of databases.

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Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 Update 1 ( Is Now Available!

Release Update for Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5!  Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 Update 1 (, RU1 for short, is now available for download from My Oracle Support > Patches & Updates.

Release Updates Details

Some may recall, starting with the Enterprise Manager 13.4release, Release Updates (RUs) enabled us to more quickly roll out new features and bug fixes to customers – so you didn’t have to wait for a major release. Release Updates are versioned using a trailing digit indicating the RU version and are cumulative, which means that the most recent RU includes functionality from all previous release updates.  Our general recommendation is to apply the most current Release Update as soon as possible.

When was Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5 introduced?

Earlier this year, we rolled out 13.5 as a major new release for our flagship management product. Oracle Enterprise Manager continues to be a leader in the data and infrastructure management space and with each RU, new capabilities continue to be added. Let’s look at what’s included in this RU.

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Automated Patching and Compliance to Improve Database Security

Learn best practices used by Fortune 500 companies to secure database estates while cutting manual effort for patching, provisioning, updates and compliance using Oracle Enterprise Manager pre-built automation. During this webcast, attendees will learn how to:

– Use automation to stay current with software updates for your database fleet

– Proactively patch and upgrade database environments to address critical security vulnerabilities

– Identify vulnerable assets, prioritize vulnerability regression, and remediation management

– Achieve CIS, STIG regulatory compliance and security business objectives for databases