Provisioning of an Oracle Database using EM 12c

In my previous post I described the creation of an Oracle Database. This procedure assumes the presence of both the Grid Infrastructure and Oracle Database software.

The Provision Oracle Database Deployment Procedure takes care of all of this, so installing the Grid Infrastructure software and configuration, installing the Oracle Database software and the creation of the Database!

Provision Oracle Database using EM 12c


Integration between OEM Console and My Oracle Support

First announced at Oracle Open World 2009, the integration between Oracle Enterprise Manager and the My Oracle Support website.

This new features allows you to track down Patch recommendations, create Patch Plans, validate Patch Plans for possible conflicts and many more.

Read the Paper I published on this subject

Integration of Enterprise Manager Grid Control and My Oracle Support

Organizations that are facing strict Security Compliance rules and are dealing with 24/7 demands, will find this feature extremely helpful to allow there data enter staff to prepare for necessary patching with a minimum of outage.

One of the major frustrations this feature is dealing with is the situation where administrators have been investing an enormous amount of time in debugging issues, some other customers already dealt with months ago and found a solution for.

Using the Recommended Patching feature helps you to avoid situations like this.

Installing Agent and upgrading to using OEM Grid Control

After installing OEM GC (see my previous post), I did an installation of a new Agent on a different Host, pushing it from the OMS.

After installing the Agent, I upgraded the Agent to by using the OEM Procedure “Patch Agent”

I have created a document describing all steps I went through

Installing Agent and upgrading to using OEM Grid Control

“Database Server Provisioning with OEM”, what a great presentation

Today I attended the presentation on “Database Server provisioning with OEM” done by my good friends Mario Lohner (Draexlmaier) and Rajat Nigam (Oracle).

These guys did a very good job and the audience was very enthusiastic. This is exactly we what we need, getting OEM GC the attention I think it needs. The guys at Draexlmaier (Mario, Robert, Heinz) just did a tremendous proof of the efficiency gain when implementing the Provisioning and automated Patching Pack. I am pretty sure this presentation motivates some OEM users that were in the room to continue their efforts to get this working at their sites.