Attended to the OEM GC – SIG in Berlin

Just returned from Berlin where I attended to the OEM GC – SIG Day. This day was organised by the DOAG (German Oracle Users Group).

There were 40 interested attendees.

The theme of this day was "Security and High Availability`

I did 2 presentations:

Configuration of Security Dashboards in OEM GRID Control

HA and OEM GRID Control

For more information on this day, check

One of the things that were anounced is that next year May 5th and 6th there will be a OEM GC – SIG day focussing on the than released OEM GC Version 11R1.
During one of these days there will be the possibility to get "Hands on" experience with the new release.

OEM Provisioning Concepts and Example

Today I did my presentation on “OEM Provisioning Concepts and Example”.

With an audiance of about 40 it still  proofs to be difficult to explain this thing.

Perhaps next time in the German language? Not sure if that is going to clarrify things better.

Anyway, here is my presentation let me know what you think of it.

OEM Provisoning Concepts and Example

Here you find the white paper

OEM Provisioning Concepts and Example – White Paper