Testing Cloud Self Service Portal now available in EM12c

Testing Cloud Self Service Portal (Install Guide)

The Testing Cloud Self Service Portal, also known as Testing as a Service (TaaS), is a cloud-based platform for delivering automated application testing services. It is a self-service solution designed for private clouds. TaaS orchestrates the testing process end-to-end by automating the provisioning of test labs. This includes application under test and test tools, executing load and functional test scripts against the application, and providing rich application monitoring and diagnostics data for analysis. In addition, TaaS has a sophisticated charge back facility for metering and charging the usage of the testing cloud by end-users.

TaaS provides:

  • A secure test library with access control for any assets consumed, for example Test Assets or Environment
  • Automation and orchestration around provisioning of Test Drivers (test tools used together with TaaS)
  • Test Drivers
  • Rich monitoring and diagnostics
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Charge back and metering of resource usage during testing

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New EM12c functionality released…

I just thought you might like to know, new EM12c functionality has been released:

  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Database (DB), version which is intended to support Oracle Database 12c, which is not yet generally available.
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Virtualization (VT), version
  • Enterprise Manager Storage Management Framework (SMF), version
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Cloud (SSA), version