Integrating BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager

As part of Enterprise Manager 12c a complete set of default Reports deployed in BI Publisher is available after integrating BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager.

The paper describes the installation and integration of BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager and it is really as easy as 1,2,3…

In this paper I assume that you did a fresh install of EM, however if your EM environment is based on an upgrade from to please take notice of the documentation Post-Upgrade Steps to take after upgrading to BI Publisher to

Integrating BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager

During the installation of OEM GC 11.1 on AIX, there was no auto discovery of the Middleware Components

While doing the installation of OEM GC 11.1 on AIX 6.1, I noticed that there was no automatic discovery of the Middleware targets.

This is due to bug 9969664.

The solution provided in MOS Note:

Error when discovering and monitoring secured weblogic domains on AIX platforms (using t3s/iiops protocols) in EMGC11.1 (Doc ID 1208874.1)

did the trick for me and discovered the 8 additional Middleware targets.