Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c – Accelerating your journey to self-service IT

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Meeting up with several Oracle ACE’s and ACE Directors, Dan Koloski (Oracle) introduces us to several EM12c ‘Heroes’ that give us their opinion on EM12c.


Kellyn Pot’Vin, Bobby Curtis, Leighton Nelson, Alex Gorbachev and Ray Smith give their experiences with EM12c. Matured product, managed to get all things ‘Green’, Much more than just another Database monitoring tool, Implemented complete self Service Portal….

After this short panel discussion and the introduction of some Customer stories like IDEXX “Being able to reduce 90% in time to find the root cause of problems with EM12c” and 7-Eleven “Going mobile using PaaS with EM12C”, Dan gives us some insight in the EM12c development “Heartbeat”….


In a 4-5-4 month cycle, EM12c release get a bit predictable. Having had release and just some weeks ago, might be expected spring 2014, including several new features.

  • Some of the new features we might expect in coming new releases include:
  • Pluggable Databases as a Service
  • Zero downtime Database Upgrade (using DG)
  • Nimbula for IaaS
  • Oracle Service Bus as a Service
  • JVM Diagnostics as a Service
  • Identity Management and Siebel patching
  • TaaS support for functional testing

An impressive list …

Next Madhup Gulati (Principle Product Manager at Oracle), shows us some new features to be expected like the migration feature that allows you to migrate from Non-Container to Container Based Database using EM12c.


A truly interesting and well-prepared format, good job Dan.

Maybe next year add one or two EM12c enthusiastic  Oracle ACE’s from Europe, at least I know of one….


Setup Database as a Service using EM12c DB Plugin

15 February, an update of some Plugins was released.

The new version of the DB plugin ( includes several new features in the area of diagnostics, High Availability, Manageability, RAC and Grid Infrastructure, Security etc.

The list of new plugins include the brand new plugin “Oracle Storage Management Framework”, enabling Snap Clone functionality leveraging the “Snapshot” and Copy features of the underlying storage. The new and updated plugins are packaged with new features including “Testing as a Service”, “Snap Clone”, “Schema as a Service” and “RMAN based Database Provisioning”.

This document describes an example of the setup of the Database Cloud, by using a Service Template that is based on a DBCA template. It also shows an example of the execution of a request made by a user in the Self Service Portal, using the newly created Service Template.

Setup Database as a Service using EM12c – DB Plugin

Testing Cloud Self Service Portal now available in EM12c

Testing Cloud Self Service Portal (Install Guide)

The Testing Cloud Self Service Portal, also known as Testing as a Service (TaaS), is a cloud-based platform for delivering automated application testing services. It is a self-service solution designed for private clouds. TaaS orchestrates the testing process end-to-end by automating the provisioning of test labs. This includes application under test and test tools, executing load and functional test scripts against the application, and providing rich application monitoring and diagnostics data for analysis. In addition, TaaS has a sophisticated charge back facility for metering and charging the usage of the testing cloud by end-users.

TaaS provides:

  • A secure test library with access control for any assets consumed, for example Test Assets or Environment
  • Automation and orchestration around provisioning of Test Drivers (test tools used together with TaaS)
  • Test Drivers
  • Rich monitoring and diagnostics
  • Reporting capabilities
  • Charge back and metering of resource usage during testing

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New EM12c functionality released…

I just thought you might like to know, new EM12c functionality has been released:

  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Database (DB), version which is intended to support Oracle Database 12c, which is not yet generally available.
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Virtualization (VT), version
  • Enterprise Manager Storage Management Framework (SMF), version
  • Enterprise Manager for Oracle Cloud (SSA), version



Setup Database as a Service using EM12c

I have been struggling for some time to complete this paper on the setup of DBaaS. Actually everything went fine, except for the final step where a Self Service Portal user requested for a new Database. After some analysis it appears that the integration I did immediate after the installation of my EM12c box with OVM Manager 3.1, was the “stand in the way” to successfully complete this final step.

After removing the integration between EM12c and OVM Manager 3.1 I finally managed to execute a successful Database request from the Self Service Portal. So, take care when working in a similar setup and trying to the DBaaS setup!

Resolution was with full assistance of Oracle Support (thanks to them).  A bug was registered and will be subject for a fix.

Anyway, please find here the paper describing the full setup using EM12c – (+PSU1). Have fun reading it.

Setup Database as a Service using EM12c