Enterprise Manager 13c: What’s New in Database Lifecycle Management

A month back, Oracle announced the release of Enterprise Manager 13c. Enterprise Manager 13c includes several improvements over Enterprise Manager 12c, which was itself had witnessed pretty successful adoption over the last four years. Enterprise Manager 12c rested on the key themes of enterprise grade management, stack management and cloud lifecycle management. The 13c version simply bolsters those pillars.

Read about the new features in Database Lifecycle Management on Oracle’s blog on OEM


A Guided Install of the Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware

For those of you running VMware, Betsy Grant – Blue Medora just published this article on the installation of the VMware plugin for Oracle Enterprise Manager.

The Blue Medora Oracle Enterprise Manager Plugin for VMware provides fully integrated continuous monitoring of VMware-based virtualization environments. This blog provides a visual guide for implementing the Oracle Enterprise Manager Plug-in for VMware vSphere environments from Blue Medora. http://buff.ly/1Qwt2lg


Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL v3 Is Now Available!

As Matt Lord describes on Oracle’s blog on MySQL:

We’re very happy to announce the general availability of the next release of Oracle Enterprise Manager for MySQL, version (see the full changelog here). This is the official MySQL plugin for Enterprise Manager 12c, offering a fully supported and integrated solution that is included with your MySQL Enterprise Edition subscription.

Thanks Kellyn…

Deploying Hybrid Cloud Agents to Monitor Oracle Platform Cloud Services

Oracle Learning Library just released this new video:

EM Hybrid video – complete story from Oracle Cloud service creation to Gateway registration to Hybrid Cloud Agent deployment

Enterprise Manager Cloud Control now provides you with a single pane of glass for monitoring and managing both your on-premise and Oracle Cloud deployments, all from the same management console. By deploying Management Agents onto the Oracle Cloud virtual hosts serving your Oracle Cloud services, you are able to manage Oracle Cloud targets just as you would any other targets.
This video walks you through the process of deploying hybrid cloud agents to monitor Oracle Platform Cloud Services.

Deploying Hybrid Cloud Agents to Monitor Oracle Platform Cloud Services