Latest new capabilities in OCI Application Performance Monitoring

In a prior blog, we shared enhancements on Oracle Application Performance Monitoring (APM). It was well received, so we thought we would summarize another set of updates that happened in the last couple of months. 

Dedicated Vantage Points

Synthetic monitoring allows for proactively generated user transactions on-demand, from various vantage points, and analysis of the sytem response just like end users would.  This way, problem detection occurs before they are reported by users. Many of our customers applications are deployed on-premises or within secure networks and they could not be tested from a public vantage point. Often, these secure applications APIs also need to be tested in order to integrate with other applications. APM’s monitors allow you to meet all these requirements. With APM Dedicated Vantage Pointset up you can run APM monitors. Dedicated Vantage Points define a secure location within a tenancy, give complete control over network settings, and enable endpoint monitoring for endpoints that are not publicly accessible.

Read the complete Blog article by Daniella Hansell

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