Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 Update 2 ( Is Now Available!

The second Release Update for Oracle Enterprise Manager 13.5!  Oracle Enterprise Manager 13c Release 5 Update 2 (, RU2 for short, is now available for download from My Oracle Support > Patches & Updates.

Key Updates in RU2

This second update of EM 13.5 introduces new features designed to enhance the value and the overall customer experience with Oracle Enterprise Manager.  Here is a list of a few of these new features:

Enterprise Manager Dashboards

Dashboards allow you to visualize monitoring and management data in real time, enable you to monitor your enterprise at a glance, and simplify potential problems resolution.  With RU2, Enterprise Manager introduces out-of-the-box dashboards that provide a summary of the health, compliance status, grouping of your targets, and other details of your assets. The health and status data is organized, summarized and presented graphically as various widgets.  To further analyze and diagnose potential issues, you can drill down to more information from each widget. These dashboards can further be copied and customized as you see fit for your environment and your monitoring guidelines.

Read the complete article by Daniela Hansell

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