An introduction to observability in API management

APIs are at the heart of a digital strategy. Keeping them operational and performing needs understanding and insight into the infrastructure supporting them.

API operation is part of the API lifecycle that governs design, creation, operation, and monetization of APIs. This lifecycle also involves different personas at different stages, and each has the following set of needs and information:

  • API designers need to understand, define, and document APIs.
  • Developers require a clear definition of requirements to implement the APIs.
  • Gateway managers are responsible for the operational aspects of the API lifecycle and need to have visibility into operational aspects, such as latency, number of calls, and backend error codes.
  • Product managers need to understand the adoption and consumption of APIs.
  • API consumers require visibility of available APIs, associated usage plans, performance, and availability data.
  • Lines of business need to see the business value that APIs bring in areas such as monetization, customer adoption, and new channel opportunities.

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