Announcing the general availability of Oracle Cloud Infrastructure Database Management

Oracle has been a leader in database management for decades, and now these unique capabilities are available in Oracle Cloud. The new Database Management service brings the best of Oracle’s industry-leading capabilities from enterprise manager into Oracle Cloud. The service gives maximum customer choice through innovations in both cloud and on-premises manageability offerings.

Oracle Database Management provides comprehensive database performance and management capability for all flavors of Oracle Databases, including OCI and on-premises, which significantly reduce the burden on DBAs by providing a full-lifecycle solution encompassing monitoring, performance management, tuning, and database administration. Database Management is part of the Oracle Cloud Observability and Management platform.

Database Management helps you prevent potential outages in your key applications. It provides performance diagnostics capabilities that simplify diagnosing performance issues for administrators and ensure quicker resolution of performance bottlenecks. The service also provides advanced management and administration of your databases to proactively detect and identify the cause of performance issues and perform database administrative operations, such as running SQL jobs across a fleet of databases.

Read the full article by Sriram Vrindra

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