Smarter, Painless and Predictable Upgrades: Embrace Enterprise Manager 13.5 with Confidence

In this webinar, Oracle experts discuss and demonstrate the technical details of upgrading to Enterprise Manager 13.5, including the best practices, upgrade testing strategies, “Tips and Tricks” and how Oracle can assist with the overall planning, execution, and post-upgrade support for a successful upgrade. While this session will focus on how to install, attendees will learn some of the latest enhancements to Enterprise Manager in the process, including less downtime and a simpler agent upgrade process.

Covered will be:

– Comprehensive software-only upgrades
– Automated and consolidated EM prerequisite kit
– Single-step adoption of Level-4 High Availability
– Step-by-step agent upgrade process and lifecycle management

Resources as mentioned at the end of the presentation:

– Enterprise Manager Page on…
– Install and Upgrade Page on OTN…
– Upgrade Guide (Documentation)…
– Upgrade Checklist MOS note 2761728.1…
– Blog:
– EM 13.5 Announcement…

For other information on Enterprise Manager or one of our other Observability & Management offerings, check

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