How to configure Enterprise Manager notifications for sending to Slack or Microsoft Teams

What happens when risk is not properly managed? In many cases, outages and security breaches result from a variety and combination of factors. Vulnerabilities may stem from ineffective, decentralized and siloed monitoring. As a consequence, the inability to correlate different monitoring data and gain insight from data can have a negative impact on systems and leave them open to unmitigated risk.

This blog addresses how the Oracle Enterprise Manager (EM) used commonly by Oracle DBAs can easily be configured to share the information it collects with Slack and Microsoft Teams to send events, and incidents or alerts to other third-party products often used by DevOps, Systems Administrators, or Operations.

Oracle Enterprise Manager provides capabilities that lead to quick response times, improved computing processes and satisfied customers. Fixing, accelerating and optimizing your environment enables performance and availability.

Please read the complete article by Pallab Rath

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