Create your first Autonomous Transaction Processing Database

In this article I will show you how easy it is to create an Autonomous Transaction Processing Database.

Create your first Autonomous Database

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure’s Autonomous Transaction Processing Cloud Service is a fully managed, preconfigured database environment. You do not need to configure or manage any hardware, or install any software. After provisioning, you can scale the number of CPU cores or the storage capacity of the database at any time without impacting availability or performance. Autonomous Transaction Processing handles creating the database, as well as the following maintenance tasks:

  • Backing up the database
  • Patching the database
  • Upgrading the database
  • Tuning the database

I assume you have signed up for an account in the Oracle Cloud, if not see Into the Oracle Cloud in just some simple steps

From the Cloud Infrastructure Menu select  Autonomous Transaction Processing

Autonomous Transaction Processing

As the above image shows, Compartment Demo has been selected

Click [Create Autonomous Transaction Processing Database]

Create Autonomous Transaction Processing Database Dialog

Within the Create Autonomous Transaction Processing Database dialog enter the following:

Compartment: Make sure the correct compartment has been selected to store the Autonomous Database

Display Name: Enter a display name for the new database

Database Name: Enter a name for the new database

CPU Core Count: Enter the number of CPU cores that need to be assigned

Username: This defaults to ADMIN and can not be changed

Password: Enter and confirm the password for the Administrator User

License type: Make sure you make the correct choice – In this example we choose for Subscribe to the new database software licenses and the database cloud services
This is used for the License Included license type. With this choice, the cost of the cloud service includes a license for the Database service.

Click [Create Autonomous Transaction Processing Database]

It will take some minutes for the provisioning to complete and the database to show up as available

Provisioning ATPD completed

To view the details of the Autonomous Database just created, we select the name link

ATPD details

Please notice that all statements made by me and information provided on this blog are mine and not necessarily those of Oracle Corporation.

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