Into the Oracle Cloud in just some simple steps

Many people I speak on the subject “Cloud” will instantly shout: “AWS, Azure, Google” and only just a few of them will mention “Oracle”. Knowing that many of the companies I visit use the Oracle Database and Middleware, it may be the case that “Unknown makes unloved”….

I just want to spend a few articles on how easy you can get into the Oracle Cloud and get you a bit more familiar with the Cloud Services that you will find there.

Let’s start with signing up to the Oracle Cloud…

Navigate to and sign up for a free account.

When your request is processed, you will be provisioned a tenancy in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Oracle will send you a Welcome email with instructions for signing in to the Console for the first time. There is no charge unless you choose to Upgrade to Paid from My Services.

Signup to the Oracle Cloud

Please notice that all statements made by me and information provided on this blog are mine and not necessarily those of Oracle Corporation.

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