2 thoughts on “Enterprise Manager 13.2 When is Upgrade and Transition to Disaster Recovery necessary

  1. Andres Ferreira says:

    Hi rob, i have the following OEM architecture implemented . 2 active/active OMS with an F5 and a repository in RAC with a standby database. We want to implement the HA level 4, is not clear for me the step by step of adding two standby OMS, do you have any document or can you guide me. I need to understand the process of adding the new standby OMS, and test the switchover.

    Thank you,

  2. Rob Zoeteweij says:

    Hi Andres, I am not sure if I understand you right. You say you have a setup of 2 active/active OMS… So it looks like you are running a standby OMS already. As well your setup includes a RAC database + standby for the OMR (Repository). As part of implementing HA level 4, the Oracle documentation advises to implement a Standby Database for the Repository, something you already implemented and advises the implementation of Management Service Disaster Recovery…
    I assume you are using the Advanced Installation and Configuration manual https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E73210_01/EMADV/GUID-5AEB4464-DCAA-4C3D-9A02-D5D51FD262B1.htm#EMADV9611

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