Incident Management new features EM13

I just came across some nice new features in EM13. When navigating to the Incident Management monitor we are used to get a listed overview of Events, Incidents and Problems.

Incident Management 1

However note the ‘Stopping light’ saying ‘Dashboard’ at the top of the page. When clicking on it, a nice new dashboard page is shown:

Incident Management 2

As you can see the upper part of the page includes several graphs showing consolidated data on your incidents.

Incident Management 3

When clicking ‘Customize’ at the top of the page, we are able to remove or add graphs like I show you in the next example:

Here I chose to add a Horizontal Bar Graph, showing Incidents categorized by Lifecycle status.

Incident Management 4

After pressing [OK] the graph now is added to our Incident Dashboard….

Incident Management 5

Just thought you might like to know….

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