Upgrade EM12c to EM13c, this is what I did


I am running a demo instance of EM12c on my Oracle VM guest running OEL 6, using 8192 MB main memory. I cloned the Oracle VM guest to work on the clone and leave the original VM as my backup.

Next I modified the Oracle VM to use 10Gb as this is one of the requirements for doing the upgrade (the runInstaller will check on this and tell you if not enough memory is assigned).

Another thing I had to do was; copying the emkey.ora file to the repository to allow for a successful upgrade.

emctl config emkey -copy_to_repos_from_file -repos_user sysman -repos_host em12c -repos_port 1521 -repos_sid oemrep -emkey_file $PWD/sysman/config/emkey.ora
 Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c Release 5
 Copyright (c) 1996, 2015 Oracle Corporation. All rights reserved.
 Enter Admin User's Password :
 Enter Enterprise Manager Root (SYSMAN) Password :
 The EMKey has been copied to the Management Repository. This operation will cause the EMKey to become unsecure.
 After the required operation has been completed, secure the EMKey by running "emctl config emkey -remove_from_repos".

Next, I stopped the Management Agent that is running on the server running the OMS. Obviously you will need to do this for each OMS server when running multiple OMS’.
During the upgrade of the OMS I was directed to stop the OMS as well, so use the

emctl stop oms –all

command to do so (on each of the OMS servers, when running multiple OMS’)
To obtain the em13c software I downloaded the zip files from OTN and located them on the OMS server.

Next, I started the runInstaller that immediately told me that it will be needing 10241 MB temp space. As I did not had that size of /tmp free space, I directed the installed to a different directory having sufficient space available.

 ** The directory "/tmp" does not have enough space. At least 10241 MB of free space are required.
 Please input another directory or [Exit]: /u01/app/temp
 Launcher log file is /u01/app/temp/OraInstall2015-12-19_01-21-35PM/launcher2015-12-19_01-21-35PM.log.
 Starting Oracle Universal Installer
Checking if CPU speed is above 300 MHz. Actual 3200.078 MHz Passed
 Checking monitor: must be configured to display at least 256 colors. Actual 16777216 Passed
 Checking swap space: must be greater than 512 MB. Actual 2047 MB Passed
 Checking if this platform requires a 64-bit JVM. Actual 64 Passed (64-bit not required)
 Checking temp space: must be greater than 300 MB. Actual 14344 MB Passed
Preparing to launch the Oracle Universal Installer from /u01/app/temp/OraInstall2015-12-19_01-21-35PM
 ====Prereq Config Location main===
 EMGCInstaller args -scratchPath
 EMGCInstaller args /u01/app/temp/OraInstall2015-12-19_01-21-35PM
 EMGCInstaller args -sourceType
 EMGCInstaller args network
 EMGCInstaller args -timestamp
 EMGCInstaller args 2015-12-19_01-21-35PM
 EMGCInstaller args -paramFile
 EMGCInstaller args /u01/app/temp/sfx_DfLIjC/Disk1/install/linux64/oraparam.ini
 EMGCInstaller args -nocleanUpOnExit
 DiskLoc inside SourceLoc/u01/app
 ScratchPathValue :/u01/app/temp/OraInstall2015-12-19_01-21-35PM

em13c upgrade 1

I deselected the ‘I wish to receive….’ option

em13c upgrade 2

I pressed [Yes] to acknowledge the fact that I will remain uninformed….

em13c upgrade 3

As I did download the most recent software, I am not interested in looking for any available updates, so indicated to skip this step.

em13c upgrade 4

Next the runInstaller is performing all prerequisite checks. Make sure you address each remark made by the installer and correct if necessary.

em13c upgrade 5

The installer now detects that a Enterprise Manager system is present on my server. As that is exactly what I want, I select ‘Upgrade an existing Enterprise Manager System’.

em13c upgrade 6

I entered the new Middleware Home location to be used: /u01/app/oracle/em13

em13c upgrade 7

After entering the SYS and SYSMAN password and acknowledging the fact that I do have a backup of my Management Repository, I continue….

em13c upgrade 8

Apparently some database parameters were not optimal. By pressing [Yes] I allow the installer to perform the fixes for this.

em13c upgrade 9

The next page shows me all Plugins that are going to be upgrade automatically as part of the upgrade process.

em13c upgrade 10

As all necessary plugins (for my demo environment) are being upgrade automatically, I don’t need to select any additional plugins….

em13c upgrade 11

Next I enter the Weblogic Admin server username and password as well as the new OMS Instance Base location (/u01/app/oracle/gc_inst13)

em13c upgrade 12

As I am running a single OMS instance I do not need to configure a shared location for Oracle BI publisher…

em13c upgrade 13

I accept the default OMS http and https ports to be used

em13c upgrade 14

Check all entered input and press [Upgrade] to start upgrading…

em13c upgrade 16

As we are approaching the end of the upgrade process, I am instructed to run the root.sh ….

em13c upgrade 15

[root@em12c ~]# /u01/app/oracle/em13/allroot.sh
Starting to execute allroot.sh .........
Starting to execute /u01/app/oracle/em13/root.sh ......
 /etc exist
 Finished execution of /u01/app/oracle/em13/root.sh ......

em13c upgrade 17

Than finally the last page is there showing me the url to be used …

(Yes indeed, a bit embarrassed that I am stuck with the server name em12c. I will fix that later on…)

em13c upgrade 18

Anyway the em12c OMS now is upgraded. As I connect to the console the License Agreement page asks me to accept the agreement …

em13c upgrade 19

Next I select the Setup – Agent Upgrade page and start upgrading my agents to the new release….

That’s about it, really not complicated at all.

Obviously, you should refer to the upgrade guide for any specific pre-requisites and background info….

I will start share my first impressions on the new features the next coming days.

Take care


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