EM12c – Service Level Management – 1

The next 2-3 days I will be spending some time in showing you guys some of the new features that have been introduced in the SLM area.

Up to release SLM in EM12c was a bit ‘behind’ when it comes to refined intuitive UI, and clear and understandable insight.

EM12c Release drastically changes this and brings you a new cut of pages and features, all in the area of Service Level Management.

Allow me to give you a brief overview…

All former UIX pages have been replaced by ADF.

As you can see a quick menu has been introduced in the top of the page, allowing to quick navigate to:

  • Performance / Incidents page
  • SLA Dashboard
  • Test summary page
  • Service Topology
  • Blackout creation
  • Blackout ending


The next example showing the Test Summary page:


The Incident and metrics page instantly showing you any Incidents or Problems occurred with the Service in focus.


The SLA dashboard showing you the current SLA status and history over months


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