So that was it… see you guys next year

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After walking miles from Moscone North to South and West and back, from my apartment on Grant (at Columbus) to Moscone and back, meeting up with many of the Oracle EM product and development team, attending several interesting sessions on EM12c, Database 12c and others, listening to some of the Key Notes, experiencing the enthusiasm of many of the 60.000 attendees, seeing Oracle Team USA win the America Cup this week has almost come to an end for me.

Saturday I will be flying back home, hoping to meet with you guys again next year.

Thanks and regards



2 thoughts on “So that was it… see you guys next year

  1. tribomber says:

    Hi Rob. I heard you speak at the CAB on Friday. (I was the guy who was happy to hear you wanted a database_service as a target type.) I was also interested to hear you ran your OMSs in active-active mode across two datacenters. Less than 1 millisecond latency you said!? Nice! How far apart are they? I may need to get my network guys to talk to your network guys!

    • Rob Zoeteweij says:

      Hi Scott, I would say: file an Enhancement Request for the immplementaiton of RAC Service as a Target Type yourself. The more customers indicate to Oracle that they have the same need, Oracle might even consider approving the Enhancement Request 😉
      Kind regards

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