Installing Oracle Business Transaction Monitoring

While being involved in a Proof of Concept examining the added value of Oracle BTM for monitoring transactions in a SOA Suite environment, I have been searching for some ‘Cookbook’ like documents, describing the installation of BTM. Reading several of the Oracle forums I noticed I wasn’t the only one in search for such document, but could not find.

So, I decided to create some Virtual Servers and start installing and describing the installation in this paper. Hopefully it will encourage you guys to start implementing this tool that got acquired from Amberpoint in 2010.

Installing Oracle BTM

One thought on “Installing Oracle Business Transaction Monitoring

  1. Bineet says:

    Hello Rob, your cook book is really good … had a quick Qs… I saw that you also installed SOA Suite on the BTM Server … is that required ? I just want to install weblogic and then deploy all the BTM servers on top of it and then the observer on the SOA Server side to monitor it…Please advise

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