Integrating BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager

As part of Enterprise Manager 12c a complete set of default Reports deployed in BI Publisher is available after integrating BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager.

The paper describes the installation and integration of BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager and it is really as easy as 1,2,3…

In this paper I assume that you did a fresh install of EM, however if your EM environment is based on an upgrade from to please take notice of the documentation Post-Upgrade Steps to take after upgrading to BI Publisher to

Integrating BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager

6 thoughts on “Integrating BI Publisher with Enterprise Manager

  1. Ray Smith says:

    Do you have plans to discuss using wlst appGrantRole for adding EM administrators as BI users? You’re correct that the BI installation is easy but now people are eager to get into it and start building reports.

    • Rob Zoeteweij says:

      Sorry Ray, I am afraid it will take some time before I will.
      Currently to much occupied with the Facts & Concepts thing and the setup of several Cloud Services. Haven’t you find any directions in the documentation?

      • R says:

        I’m working from the same documentation as you and there seems to be a big piece missing in the BI Publisher startup. I’ll let you know when I get it started. Maybe that can be my first blog on the ACE site.

  2. Joe Rasnake says:

    Rob, Great post on getting BI setup. I do have one question for you though. Where should I be installing the BI part on my OMS or DB Repository or does it even matter?



    • Rob Zoeteweij says:

      Hi Joe,

      BI is an application that runs in your middleware home. You should do the installation on your OMS server.

      Don’t forget to make a Backup to allow you to restore if anything goes wrong 😉


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