Closure – OOW – see you next year

Finally after a week of hard working 20+ sessions and 30+ parties, we can finalize this week. What a terrific week it was, had several interesting discussions with EM product team members, Sushil Kumar and many others.

Yesterday evening at the appreciation event Kings of Leon and Pearl Jam that were really awesome, today at the final closure event in the Yerba Buena Garden I first saw the Swedish “The Hives”. These guys really put down a terrific show!

Let me just try to upload some videos….

Next time these guys are in Holland we definitely go there!

Ok, just had a great time here again at Oracle Open World , spend several days with some young dogs in an apartment at North Beach where we had several interesting discussions having a nice Italian wine and some terrific looks….

Thanks to my 3 companions for this week: Jan, Aiman and Juriaan, hope to meet soon again…

Thanks guys and see you next year….

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