Got my mind made up – Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

Today I have been talking with Sushil Kumar (VP, Product strategy and Business Development) discussing some thoughts he has on where EM is taking us.

Some of the subjects were:

Database Schema as a Service

As demonstrated during the General Session yesterday one of the new features that will be released in the nearby future, Database Schema as a Service will allow you to define a “Service” as a level of abstract that will include one or more Database Schema’s. By this users will be able to quickly provision a new database including some specific schema’s or just a collection of schema’s itself.

Using storage level Snapshots cloning of databases will be instantly and will allow you to create schemas based on historical content. As we wouldn’t want this feature to result in an unlimited number of snapshots, this feature will be profile based where limitation is one of the properties.  Obviously this feature will support us while doing backups.

Oracle is currently working on this tightly with storage vendors. As soon as ACFS is further supporting this storage level snapshotting, this will be included.

EM Appliance

Configuring an OMS that is able to provide your IT staff with 24 x 7 availability and is well performing while monitoring thousands of targets, is a difficult job and might take you days of installing and patching.

Oracle is thinking of idea of creating an EM Appliance that combines both hardware and software tight together in the most optimal way. This appliance than would include servers, a load balancer, at least 2 OMS’s and a RAC repository database.

Other thought include Oracle VM as part of a Virtual Assembly.

I really think this is a very good idea and will save us a lot of headache.

Integration of EM Cloud Control and OPS Centre 12c

While we now have 2 different tools to do the monitoring and management (including provisioning etc) of our software and hardware assets, EM users would really benefit of a further integration between EM Cloud Control 12c and EM OPS Centre 12c. It looks like will be the case in a future EM release. Yes, I know dates were not mentioned (as Oracle is a public company we know they are not allowed to do so).

License Management

Since EM 10.2 we know that the OMS manages an enormous quantity of configuration data of all targets being registered. As part of this configuration data, license related information like products, options, features etc. is collected and stored in the repository database.

It looks like Oracle will even extend this information more to the level where we can actually report on License Usage, which is valuable data when thinking of Metering and Chargeback.

Cloud management

When discussing Cloud Management we agree on the fact that organizations need to adopt the right thoughts in order to benefit the most.

If for instance the Capacity Management process will not adopt the Cloud concept, we still would have someone in the Capacity Manager role or any other Manager that would want to approve any request made by the end user in the Self Service Portal and by that “killing” a benefit like “Improve on Time to Market”. Organizations (Managers) must learn how to take the right approach and benefit the most when going to the Cloud.

Surely a pleasant and informing meet up with Sushil, thanks for that!

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