Upgrading to Oracle Enterprise Manager 12c: Best Practices and Real-World Lessons

Aaron Rimel – DBA -CERNER
Bala Kuchibhotla
Akanksha Sheoran Kaler

Many people were interested to attending to this session, counting at least 80…

Here my staccato notes:

  • Full release Oct 2011 – EM
  • BP1 Feb 2012
  • Full Release Sep 2012 – EM

12c Upgrade Process

Pre upgrade Console in EM11, which allows you to do the upgrade (incl Agent)

Upgrade Paths

  • 12.1.01/
  • 11.1.01. /
  • Recommended Upgrade
  • à 12.1.02
  • Pre Upgrade console
  • Guided workflow
  • EM upgrade impact reports
  • Software management for agents and plugin
  • Pre-upgrade repos specific checks
  • Single console for mass agent upgrade
  • Agent readiness check

Upgrade Process and Approaches

1-System Upgrade

Complete Cutover with higher down time (Using one system)

  • Apply Pre-upgrade console patch
  • Deploy 12.1. agents from pre-upgrade console
  • Run health-checks on 12.1.0.x Agents
  • Switchover
  • Backup the repository (RMAN recommended)
  • Shutdown the OLD mos
  • Install 12.1 OMS and upgrade repos
  • Start 12.1.0.x OMS

2- System Upgrade

  • Phased cutover with Minimal Downtime
  • Apply pre-upgrade console patch
  • Deploy 12.1.0.x agents from pre-upgrade console
  • Backup the repository
  • Deploy 12.1.0.x OMS
  • Upgrade backup-up repos to 12.1.0
  • Start the 12.1.0 OMS
  • Switchover: shutdown the 10.2/11.1 agents and inclemently activate 12.1.0 agents
  • Verify Data migration fro post-upgrade console
  • When all agents are successfully switched decommission the 10.2.0/11.1 OMS

Post-upgrade Features

  • Deferred Data Migration
    • Job to perform lazy migration of historical data
    • Accrued target data migration – 2 system approach only
    • Target continue to accrue data on EM 11.1 OMS even after backup of repos until the are migrate to 12.1
  • Diff reports
    • Configuration setup-related changes that were made to the old system while 2-system upgrade was happening
    • Uninstall old agents (Sign off)

Upgrade Path

  • –>
  • Upgrade options supported 1-System with downtime
  • Agent Upgrade Console (AUC)
  • Mass Agent upgrade across platforms
  • All plugins will be upgraded

Real World Lesson: Cerner’s Production system upgrade

Aaron Rimel
DBA at Cerner

Largest strategic global health care it comp
23000 systems
17 Petabytes of data

6097 Targets in OEM 11
800 Gb repos

  • Improved Stability & Performance
    • 50% decrease in database incidents as a result of preventative actions
  • Reduced Capital Expense
  • Increased DBA Efficiency

Install vs Upgrade

Cerner choose for the 2 System approach instead of doing a fresh install, as they didn’t want to loose historical data.

This approach has less impact on the organisation, as the OMS will stay up and running for the major part of the upgrade process

How long it took

  • Apply pre-upgrade
  • Get binaries from OTN
  • Got through upgrade reports
  • Agent issue resolution 800+ agents
  • This all in 2 weeks
  • Upgrade agents in batches
  • Each batch consist of 20 agents
  • This all in 3 weeks
  • Backup and restore Repository – 2 days
  • OMS Install and repos upgrade 2 days
  • Verifying post upgrade task 7-days

The complete process was run in 11 weeks

What else did we do?

  • Upgrade OS RHEL –> 5.5. 64 Bit
  • DB Hardware migration, OS upgrade, DB upgrade
  • Created new network within Datacentre

Overall Upgrade experience

  • No downtime
  • OS/DB upgrades without additional downtime
  • Life made easy with agent migrations in phases
  • Development first
  • Allow users to become familiar with 12c GUI

Aaron did give a good overview of process and steps he performed at Cerner to upgrade from EM 11.1 to EM and managed to keep everyone awake.

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