General Session: Using Oracle Enterprise Manager to Manage Your Own Private Cloud

Sushil Kumar talking on EM Cloud Control.

EM12c seems to be a very popular Release, getting a lot of positive feedback.

Recently released Release 2, OPS Centre 12c last summer and ATS 12c.

Release is primarly a stability release, but also included several new features

  • Java Platform as a Service
  • Business Application Dashboard, gathering all related data in one page.
  • Enhanced Exalogic Management

The release was for all major platforms on the same day!

There seems to be a very high adoption of EM12c, bringing us many new EM users every day.

Sushil now introduces some early adopter customers to share their experiences on using EM 12c.

Frank Frazier from Lawrence Livermore National Labs talks about their experiences with Infrastructure & Platform as A service.

  • Using IaaS – EM 12c and OVM
  • Rapid BPEL based MW platform deployments
  • Simplified cloud operations


  • Database As a Service
  • DBaaS using EM 12C and EXEDATA
  • Single click provisioning in minutes
  • High need for fast deployment of new Business services
  • Give me a fully functional Database (as a user demand)

GE Healthcare

Provider of Medical Technologies in Over 100 Countries

  • Application As A Service, using Virtual Assembly Builder. Configuring all necessary VM’s, databases, Middleware etc.
  • Siebel running on virtualized shared environment
  • Rapid provisioning
  • Metering and Chargeback using cost centres to share the costs with those who use it

Especially found their story very interesting as it includes the provisioning of a complete Fusion Application – Siebel.

Sushil talking about EM 12c used to manage and monitor Oracle Public Cloud services

Extensibility in Action

There is a growing partner ecosystem, validated integration

Unveiling EM Extensibility Exchange

Where partners and developers can share plugins etc.


  • Doing lots of work on extending Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • VM ware, SAP AIX Virtualization & Hardware plugin
  • Microsoft Hyper-V Plug-in
  • Simply using the EM extensibility framework

Jeff Budge Director global oracle techno CSC

  • Working on Foundation Services for Oracle
  • Enables them to increase quality on Oracle services to customers
  • Important to configure Compliancy Framework, not a lot talked about but very important to make sure things are compliant
  • Automating compliance reporting with Oracle Enterprise Manager
  • Average 90% reduction in time for each check

Sushil continues on Cloud Management Roadmap

  • Schema As A Service (Database Sprawl)
  • Database Provisioning – Database Instance Cloning (12c)
  • Test Automation – Testing as A Service

Sushil shows in a demo

Enterprise Cloud Bake-Off

  • Showing things are really that easy
  • Showing the Database Cloud Self Service Portal
  • Page also shows: My Servers, My Databases, My Middleware, My Test
  • Showing a Schema provisioning
  • Showing a 1.5TB Database Clone from an existing database. Based on snapshots this is done in mater of minutes!
  • Java As A Service – Middleware services, an empty WLS container and then select a Middleware Service and submit the request

“Cloud is about what the Users want…”

Testing as a Service

  • Showing the “My Tests” part in the Self Service Portal
  • Using test assets including scripts, scenarios etc.
  • We also might select an Assembly as target environment for the tests
  • Tests that can be run multiple times
  • Then we can browse through already executed tests etc.
  • Testing Cloud Self Service Portal this all is called

Very interesting during this session, the new features like My Middleware as a Service (Java-As-A-Service) and Testing as a Service

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