Administration Groups in EM12c

In previous releases of Enterprise Manager, we were able to create Groups that allowed us to monitor a group of Targets that were logically related. For instance specific groups based on the Lifecyle phase (Development, Test, Acceptance, Production), of based on the specific SLA the Targets were assigned to.

A great way to organise Targets and to focus on specific Groups in your monitoring setup. A drawback however, when looking at maintaining these groups. In too many situations at Customer sites, assigning newly created Targets to a specific Group simply was forgotten.  This often resulted in incomplete monitoring of specific Targets.

Enterprise Manager 12c brings us a solution to this problem by introducing ‘Administration Groups’. When setting up an Administration Group, you need to identify specific Target Properties like ‘Department’, ‘Line of Business’, ‘Lifecycle Phase’ and others to relate to a certain level in the Administration Hierarchy. Where a Hierarchy might be based on multiple Properties.

If then for instance, a Target get’s assigned a specific ‘Line of Business’, the Target will be assigned automatically to the appropriate Group in the Hierarchy. By this you will be sure each Target is assigned to the right Group.

Administration Groups in EM12c


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