Next Generation Database Patching – Maximum Ease – Minimum Downtime

Hari Srinivasan
John Young
Tim Misner

Again I will do my post in the form of a summary of features. Simply need some more time to revise these posts, so stay tuned. For now this is what I wanted to share with you guys.

Yes these are my notes in Stagato Style, sorry guys.

Patching Challenges

Database patch management process

  • Complex
    • Many steps to perform
    • RAC – Grid – ASM
    • Manual
    • Error Prone
    • Time consuming
    • Labor intensive
    • Affects application uptime/business continuity

Current Patching Tools

  • Opatch
  • Custom scripts
  • Enterprise Manager

EM 12c Patching Features

  • Patch advise
    • Based on Configuration
    • Community information
    • MOS
      • Complete integration between EM and MOS
      • Support for Off-line Mode if Online connection is unavailable
      • Patch planning
        • Plans & Templates
          • Bundle multiple Patches
  • Detects conflicts and fie merge requests
    • Automatic Patch Conflict Resolution
    • Files Patch request incase of conflict
  • Pre-flight dependencies and impact analysis
  • Patchability Reports
    • Identify what can be patched before starting the process
  • Real-time target sanity checks:
    • Is there enough disk space
    • Opatch checks on version
    • Cluster verification
    • Inventory sanity like locks, access…
    • Patch rollout
      • Out of Place patching/upgrade for single instance
      • Rolling patching for RAC
      • One-offs, Patch sets, CPU, PSU and GI bundles
      • Support AC, Clusterware, ASM, Database, Exadata
      • Patch verification & Reporting
        • Patch Compliance Tracking
        • Associate targets to Compliance standards
        • Track compliancy

User profiles tailored for Datacenters

  • Site Administrator
  • Patch Designer
    • Create patch plan
    • Apply on Test
    • Save as Patch Template
    • Publish Template so that the Patch Operator can use it for Production
    • Patch Operator

Upgrade Planning

  • Identify the path to upgrade
  • Download required software
  • Perform upgrade

Out-of-Place Patching

  • Multiple Database running form same home
  • Clone Oracle Home
  • Patch Cloned Oracle Home
  • Switch instances to newly cloned Oracle Home
  • Apply SQLs (as needed) to the instances

Rolling Real Application Cluster Patching

Rolling upgrade instance by instance

Patching Database Clusters on Exadata

Also supports out-of-place patching

Automated Upgrade Deployment

For instance à

Patching in off-line mode

Also supported

Manually download the patches and upload to Software Library

Customer Story: Enterprise Holdings

World largest Car Rental Company

400+ databases

100+ Oracle Database software

Three datacenters

AIX and Linux

Average 4 databases per Oracle Home

Out of place Patching

  • Less down time
  • Less risk
  • Consistent gold code across enterprise
  • Easily Rollback
  • No common downtime across all applications with shared environments

Currently takes a lot of time to complete with multiple DBA’s (30 days)

Engineering time spent automating changes and testing

Still manually pre/post step necessary

DBA privileges required to execute commands

OEM 12c Solution

Search patches and check patch conflicts directly with MOS

Predefined procedures with pre-requisite checks

Building a gold code – Clone from an existing install and patch it

Ability to move databases with a shared ORACLE_HOME one at the time

Run post SQL scripts

Access and Manageability

Separation of Roles (Designer and Operator)

Manage as Groups

Create Named credentials for security and store them as Preferred Credentials for reuse

Ability to create Templates with patches, enforcing standards

Restrict Operators to specific Databases and allowed actions

Expected Savings

Reduce effort form 30 days to a few days

Process streamlined by using Designer?operator instead of multiple teams/roles

Significantly reduce documentation overhead

DBA are now able to focus efforts on business related applications

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