Configuring and managing a private cloud with Oracle Enterprise Manager

Kai Yu – Dell Oracle Solutions Lab

Madhup Gulati

After a short introduction to the Cloud Concept by Madhup Gulati from Oracle, Kai Yu started his presentation.

When looking at Cloud management and Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control it all comes the integration with OracleVM 3.0

In his presentation Kai showed us the integration of Oracle VM Manager and EM. Instead of the “Half baked” solution we found in EM 11.1, the integration of Oracle VM Manager 3.0 in EM 12c is a “plugin” based solution where you are actually using Oracle VM Manager when in EM 12c.

By means of synchronization configuration changes made while in Oracle VM Manager can be synchronized with EM. This new way of integration allows you to fully configure the Oracle VM environment while connected to the EM console.

One of the Cloud Key features, the Self Service portal relies fully on the definition of Roles. Assigning Quotas, Zones and Network Profiles to the Role allows you to authorize your users to access and work with the Portal.

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