The official launch of Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c

Finally the moment was there, the official announcement of the complete new release of EM, Oracle Enterprise Manager Cloud Control 12c.

In the Novellus Theater, Richard Sarwal (Senior Vice President Oracle) gave us a 1 hour presentation of some of the EM 12c highlights.

Some figures he mentioned:

  • 200 new features
  • 500 enhancement requests included
  • 3 years of development
  • A complete rebuild

As the ‘c’ in the new release obviously tells us, the new release of Enterprise Manager has got a lot to do with the monitoring and management of the cloud. Including a Self Service feature to allow end users to fully profit from the grid and the desired by many, charge back feature.

Here are some other features that draw my attention:

  • Cloud services
  • Support physical and virtual clouds
  • Console feature will run on iPad and other mobile devices
  • ADDM like feature for middleware
  • Out of place patching
  • Integrated hardware & software for EXADATA
  • Increased support MOS integration
  • ASR automated creation of SR
  • New web 2.0 UI
  • Many partner plugins
  • Business transaction monitoring related to business services SLA
  • Real-time ADDM analysis

During the night I have been downloading the software from OTN and will try to start installation one of these days 😉

Today I will be attending some presentations focusing on this new release, so stay tuned.

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