7 thoughts on “Manage node failover in an Active – Passive setup using Oracle Enterprise Manager Grid Control

  1. Jimmy says:

    Rob, wonderfully written document and it caught my eye because we have a similar situation but is a little different that the active/passive situation you describe. We are using Vertias Cluster Manager and we have an active/active design, i.e., we have three nodes and they all have databases up and running on them, if something goes wrong either with the node or the database, it fails over to one of the other nodes that is still alive by mounting the files system (just like you described) over on one of the up nodes. So, my question is this, I’ve never used emcli before so am not familiar with it, but when one (or more) of my db’s on one node fails over to another node, when I run the emcli utility to gather targets, do I have to tell it not just the new db’s that have come up on the node, but do I have to tell it about the existing nodes that have already been running on the node? I hope my question is clear — basically all I’m asking is if db’s A, B, C are on node 1 and db’s D, E, F are on node 2, and let’s say node 2 has a kernel panic and db’s D, E, F fail over to node 1, when I run emcli do I tell it to gather targets D, E, F that have just come over, or do I have to tell it to gather targets A, B, C, D, E, F?

    Thanks much, Jimmy

    • Rob Zoeteweij says:

      Hello Jimmy,

      Thanks for your reply on my post.

      I think it makes worthwhile to invest in using emcli

      Oracle® Enterprise Manager Command Line Interface
      11g Release 1 (11.1)


      What I am trying to show in my post is the use of the emcli relocate_targets verb.
      To my opinion there are 2 ways to get a target known in the OMS when running on a different host:

      1. Remove if out of the OMS and then re-discover on “the other” host.
      The disadvantage of this is that you will lose all statistical information that has been gathered in the past (for the specific targets that is).
      2. Tel the OMS that the targets are now being monitored by a different Agent (the one on “the other” host).
      By this all historical gathered statistics will be kept save.

      Does this answer your question?


      • Jimmy says:

        Thanks Rob, overall that answers my question and I gave a quick read-over of the emcli document you gave a link to — very good to know that it’s available (I had no idea it existed). I will find a way to make this work — but I’m assuming that the example you show in your pdf document, by using the verbage “relocate_targets” and “copy_from_src” you are doing the #2 option you list above when you say, “2. Tell the OMS that the targets are now being monitored by a different Agent” — as I would want to be sure to keep historical stats. Am I on the right track in my thinking here?

      • Rob Zoeteweij says:

        Yes Jimmy,

        this is just doing that. Telling the OMS that the targets are getting monitored by another Agent, keeping all historical statistics save.

        Good luck and if any questions; simply ask.


  2. Brett Parnham says:

    Hello Rob, I have asked Oracle via a metalink SR if this is possile in the past and the answer was no. Is the emcli relocate_targets command new in 11g or is this available in 10g?

  3. Holley says:

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