BTM 11g is now available on OTN

BTM 11g is now available on OTN, in three packages, the contents of which are described below.

Provides Management Servers  packaged as 3 separate EAR files. Also provides a! ll available observer agents.

  • readme.txt

BTM Management Servers running in embedded standalone instances of Apache Tomcat.


If you require a BTM “quickstart”, use this package. The first provides the

3 BTM Management Servers and Monitor as a single EAR file for easy deployment in WebLogic or WebSphere. The second provides the 3 BTM Managements Servers and Monitor packaged in a standalone instance of Apache Tomcat.

Note: This deployment is not supported in production.

  •–Provides all BTM Management in a single EAR file
  •–All components in a single instance of Apache Tomcat

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