5 thoughts on “Successfully upgraded OEM GC to 11.1

  1. Eric v/d Spoel says:

    Looking good, Rob. Seems upgrading to OEMGC 11g is pretty straight forward. People without knowledge of Weblogic will have to go through the books.


  2. Guido says:


    good and clear document. We didn’t test an upgrade yet but a fresh install was also pretty straight forward.

    I noticed you are also missing the Webtier (Oracle HTTP Server) in you last 2 slides of the document. Any luck on adding the OHS to the farm within Gric control?


  3. Ruhul says:

    We have installed GC on AIX 5.3 system. We would like to upgrade the GC to 11g. here is our environemt information

    Existing Grid control Environment information
    Repository DB version: on AIX 5.3 System
    GC agent version: on AIX, windows, solaries
    GC OMS version: on AIX 5.3 system

    I have followed your stsep by step document for LINUX. it is excelent document.

    Please let me know how to upgrade GC on AIX system? Another point, is it required Weblogic or not. if required , from where we can download weblogic for AIX 5.3 system.

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